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Di Napoli has perfected the art of premium coffee roasting

Internationally known for its cuisine and wine, the Neapolitan region is the home of Di Napoli’s roaster, INCAS Caffè. One of the oldest roasting houses in Southern Italy, INCAS Caffè has been perfecting the art of premium coffee roasting since 1922 and Di Napoli brings it to your cup.

Under the experienced eye of the Mastro di Torrefazione (Master Roaster), Di Napoli coffee beans are selected, roasted, and blended based on age-old family recipes and years of quality research by passionate coffee artisans.

Di Napoli coffee preserves its freshness in an eco-friendly pod that makes the preparation of your coffee a quick, easy, and tidy delight.

Di Napoli blends seven coffee varieties to create a rich, creamy, and aromatic espresso with notes of chocolate and no trace of bitterness, in whatever style you like: Cappucino, Latte, Espresso. A decaf blend is also available.

Di Napoli is proud to bring you one of the best coffee roasting blends of southern Italy, a proud tradition of excellence for our roasters since 1922.

Why Di Napoli Caffè Should be Your Coffee of Choice

Your team and customers deserve premium quality coffee
The coffee you serve your team and customers says so much about what kind of company you are. Make a proud statement with Di Napoli’s premium quality coffee. Our service makes it easy, convenient, and economical.

Premium coffee that’s an easy, quick, no-fuss delight
Your superior coffee experience is inseparable from our reliable, European-designed espresso machines. They will look great in your place of business. Combined with our convenient, eco-friendly coffee pods, Di Napoli’s espresso machines make coffee a no-fuss experience. Easy-to-use interfaces, stable temperature control, and solid components assure you long-lasting function with minimal maintenance. Guaranteed. You can buy or lease our machines, and financing is available.

Seamless, convenient service that simplifies your business life
To make premium coffee always available to your customers and staff, our after-sales service ensures you have a machine at all times. In case of breakage, we will lend you a machine for the duration of maintenance. To save you time and hassle, we offer free deliver of our premium coffee cases and accessories (stir sticks, sugar packs, and disposable cups) to your business —with a minimum order of three coffee cases (150 pods/case).

Looking to enjoy our coffee and save?

Make a minimum coffee consumption commitment save on the unit cost of our coffees. Some of our commitment levels qualify you for a free rental of your espresso machine.


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