Advantages — DiNapoli’s Authentic Coffee Experience


Wireless Interconnectivity

Your superior coffee experience is inseparable from our reliable, smart espresso machines. They take away the stress of replenishing when stocks are low. Our IoT-LTE wireless interconnectivity does the calculations for you and alerts us when stocks are low. (Coming end of 2020)

We make it simple for you, so you can keep your focus on your customers and team.

Easy-to-use interfaces, stable temperature control, and solid components assure you long-lasting function with minimal maintenance.

Guaranteed. Perfection. Everyday.

wireless coffee machine

Superior Coffee

Under the expertise of the Donatiello Family, the DiNapoli blends are created with 6 to 11 coffee beans, each roasted and blended according to an almost 100 year old recipe

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Espresso Machines

DiNapoli’s distinctive, easy to maintain, machines were carefully selected and tested by our coffee technical team to make your wish to serve premium coffee at your workplace or business an uncomplicated reality. Simpler. Better. Smarter.

Our espresso engineering team developed a cappuccino machine with precision technology that gives users a consistent cup every time. We make it simple so that everyone can enjoy.

Designed and made in France, our hardware is easy to use, easy to clean and is made with reliable components.

The space-saving design gives your business more room to work. And with our automated systems, you can focus on what really matters – Taking care of your teams and customers.

DiNapoli's Espresso Machines
Espresso machine servicing and repairs

Training & Maintenance

DiNapoli brings premium coffee and reliable machines to your workplace. But, our service to you extends well beyond delivery. Our team of enthusiastic coffee devotees is ready to support you in every way. DiNapoli’s training and follow-up ensures your staff is well-prepped to create a perfect cup every time. Skilled employees make happy customers.

We have you covered on maintenance as well. We are so confident in the reliability of our espresso machines that we offer all maintenance free of charge.

Worry-Free Perfection. Everyday.


Scalable Plans

30+ cups a day? We have a plan for you. Our pricing scale depends on consumption. The more people drink, the more economical it is for you. Our Build A Plan page will show you how.

Build Your Plan

Plan 01

  • All inclusive pricing (Machine, repairs, shipping)
  • Free onboarding program
  • 30 coffees per day

Plan 02

  • All inclusive pricing (Machine, repairs, shipping)
  • Free onboarding program
  • 10 coffees per day


DiNapoli’s Eco-Pod preserves freshness in an eco-friendly, mesh paper that makes preparation simple and clean. It takes 7.2g of coffee grounds to extract the perfect espresso. Our precisely measured Eco-pods are tightly packed to lock in freshness and yield a consistent extraction every time. The simplicity of our design allows anyone on your team to produce a rich, creamy and aromatic coffee.

We designed the flat packaging with your workspace in mind, eliminating the bulky accumulation of small containers.

The Eco-Pod, combined with our easy to use (and easy to clean) cappuccino machines, combines the perfect extraction of a professional barista machine with all the perks of a high-end capsule machine.

biodegradable pods