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Taina - About DiNapoli Coffee

A Century of Roasting Experience In Your Cup, Everyday

In Naples, coffee is a “ritual carried out in solidarity.” The true nature of Neapolitan coffee comes alive with the tradition of the “Caffe sospeso” Italian for suspended coffee.

It’s an act of anonymous charity where on days of good fortune, you would offer to pay for two coffees but receive and consume only one. Your receipt would be left with the bartender to give a complimentary coffee for a stranger to enjoy. It’s a simple act of “paying it forward” generosity that is carried out in almost every coffee bar in Naples.

The true sharing nature of this coffee culture is what DiNapoli brings to your team and customers everyday.

The History of DiNapoli Coffee
our mission

Elevate your coffee experience

DiNapoli brings specialty single cup coffee and espresso to restaurants and workplaces through innovative, smart, reliable machines which produce an authentic taste, the Italian way – robust, powerful & persistent flavour.

In order to share this passion for coffee, we partnered with one of the oldest, most respected roasters in Southern Italy. INCAS Caffè has been perfecting their blends and expertise since 1922.

Family owned and using artisanal techniques, our roaster perfectly delivers the spirit of Italian coffee in all our blends. Balancing sweetness and bitterness, each blend brings a creamy, heavy body that is perfect alone or with your favorite add-ins.

Relationships, coffee, and pricing that will make you smile.

  • The DiNapoli model is not a one-size-fits-all. We make premium coffee accessible to companies that consume 30+ coffees per day
  • Intelligent inventory management and reliable, easy to maintain machines save you time
  • Quick service when you need it through our local, experienced team